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                                                                                            Good News|Shenzhuang Group ranked third among China Building Decoration Industry Top 100 Enterprises
                                                                                              Source:本站 Data:2020-12-23

                                                                                                   On December 23, the Fifth Meeting of the Eighth Council and Standing Council of the China Building Decoration Association & Decoration Industry Summit Forum on the Transformation, Upgrading and High Quality Development was held in Shenzhen. Mr. Wu Fugui, secretary of the Party committee, chairman and president of Shenzhuang Group, attended the meeting. The China Building Decoration Association officially released the ranking of enterprises in China's building decoration industry in 2019 based on comprehensive statistics. Shenzhuang Group ranked 3rd in decoration category, 6th in design category and 29th in curtain wall category. The surge of the overall ranking in recent years has demonstrated its extraordinary strength.

                                                                                                   At the meeting, the Proposal on Setting the Honorary Vice President Position in China Building Decoration Association was approved. The representatives at the meeting voted by a show of hands and unanimously agreed to appoint Mr. Wu Fugui, Secretary of the Party committee, chairman and president of Shenzhuang Group, as the honorary vice president of the Association. The meeting also praised Shenzhuang Group as one of the enterprises which made outstanding contributions to the fight against Covid-19 in the building decoration industry.


                                                                                                   The ranking of top 100 enterprises in the building decoration industry covers three categories, namely, decoration, curtain wall and design. It is an important yardstick of the comprehensive strength and industry influence of enterprises, leading the industry to move forward. The third rank serves as the recognition of Shenzhuang Group's outstanding performance in the fields of decoration, curtain wall and design, demonstrating its outstanding achievements in business revenue, honor and qualification, science and technology, major project, safety and quality and social responsibility. These achievements originate from our pursuit of "making quality products in craftsman spirit and forming brand with high quality". 
                                                                                            Recent years have witnessed the declining of global economic indexes and a complex and inconstant domestic situation of China. However, under the leadership of Chairman Wu Fugui, Shenzhuang Group has worked with solidarity and focused on opportunities in the decoration of office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and cultural and tourism sites generated during China's strategic development. By adhering to the party construction as the guide, enhancing reform and innovation and upgrading operation and management, it has promoted its transformation and upgrading and gathering first-class resources. To create high quality projects, Shenzhuang Group has vigorously advocated the spirit of craftsman, laid emphasis on the quality of engineering construction and pursued excellent process. As a result, it has realized continuous and fast development and kept obtaining record-high revenue and honors.

                                                                                                   In the future, Shenzhuang Group will continue to strive for development through innovation and breakthrough through reform, make contributions to the new era, grasp new opportunities, and vigorously carry forward the spirit of pioneer. Taking "century-old brand, century-old Shenzhuang" as its development goal and "decorating a beautiful China and leading industrial development" as its own responsibility, Shenzhuang Group will devote itself to revitalizing the national industry and promoting social progress, fulfill people's yearning for a better life and forge ahead to make more achievements through reform and opening up. 

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