Why is the devotion to the Divine Mercy so powerful today?

On January 1, 2008, God said to ‘Ian’ Raquel, “This is a year of Mercy.”

Why? Thousands are sick, many have accidents, businessmen are bankrupt, some have failed marriages, etc.,

With the many happenings this April 2008, Nargis cyclone at Myanmar killing hundreds of thousands of children and adults; China’s 7.9 at the Richter scale, killing more than 100,000 people, oil’s costs are going up, worldwide food shortages, etc. I think we are nearing our New World!

The Lord Jesus said to Saint Faustina, “In the Old covenant, I sent prophets with a thunderbolt to My People... Today, I am sending My mercy to the whole of mankind. I do not want to punish afflicted mankind but I desire to heal it by pressing it to My merciful heart...”

The Bible says that the Lord loves us so much. Indeed, we are so much loved by the Lord Jesus! Instead of punishing us for our sins, He is sending His mercy to the whole of mankind!

In 1934, He emphasized to Saint Faustina, “Before the day of Justice (end of this world) comes, I am sending the day of My Mercy... All those who will come and ask for My Mercy, I will forgive them... I will heal them” So hardened sinners must come to His Mercy. He will heal even our stubborn heart and those who are sick.

Many miracles are happening everywhere. Amazing stories of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual healing abound today. Conversions, healing of relationships, healing of the family tree and answered prayers of distressed people over material needs have occurred. We have a direct access to the Lord when we pray with our hearts, and trust Him in His Mercy.

Do remember the words of Jesus to Saint Faustina. “O, how I love those souls who have complete confidence in Me. I will do everything for them.” (#924) If their trust is great, there is no limit to My generosity (#1602).

You see! The Lord promised to those who trust Him, sinner or saint, He will do everything for them!

There is no limit to God’s generosity! He will purify us so that we might live in His beautiful paradise, or become remnants of His New World!

In some of these stories, we discern Satan’s influence, as some people would say, “devils are leaving hell now to be in this world”. But God’s power is unfathomably greater than evil. God is working in the world today. He is even availing us a blessing out of our past mistakes. All we need to do is to ask for His Mercy. He will forgive us.

I asked the Lord why He made me unsophisticated in my words or a writer with the language of simple words. His answer seemingly, I discern was, “You will write for those who have not finished college, the simple but the wise.” Therefore, the stories are easy to understand.

God’s Instructions
The Lord God dictated to my friend visionary, Elsa “not to take away but to add more miracles until 10th edition”. Hence, I am adding more miracles since the 4th edition of ‘Miracles of the Divine Mercy”. That is probably the reason why He has preserved my mind even if I wobble in my walk. If the Lord will take me, I am ready but it seems that the Lord will make me live to old age despite my 73 years now.

Source of stories
These miracles are from many places where the Divine Mercy has spread. They are mostly from General Santos City, Davao, Basilan, Camarines Norte, North and South Cotabato, Manila, Sultan Kudarat, Dumaguete, Leyte, Antique and Mindoro. Some stories are from foreign lands like Sri Lanka, England and USA. I was a witness to some of these stories.

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