Stanley Villavicencio has been travelling around the world for more than 15 years now, evangelizing Godžs word. How did it happen? What changed his life, devotion and faith in the Lord?

He married Melissa Gantuangco Villar, a nurse, and moved to Cebu to start a family. Stanley, who was born in Bais, Negros Oriental was an employee of the AVSECOM (Aviation Security Command) in Mactan and a devout believer of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, a devotion he started when he was still in grade school. Close to his house was a chapel dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This had a great bearing on his decision to buy the house. Unfortunately, after moving in, it was discovered that the chapel was portable, erected only during the fiesta celebration and was dismantled afterwards. In 1983, he became Chapel President and a neighbor donated some land close by in order for a permanent chapel to be built for the Christian community.

On March 2, 1993, God called him to be a disciple in a very unique way. In the morning he was found trembling and vomiting blood forcefully. He was rushed to the hospital, where he slipped into a coma. His heartbeat became slower, his skin color turned gray and then he stopped breathing. When his organs shut down, the doctors declared him brain dead, and recommended to remove all the life-saving apparatuses attached to his body.

While he was lying in the ICU of the hospital, his soul was led to a light and he discovered he was in front of our Lord Jesus Christ. Here, Jesus showed him the motion picture of his life on a giant screen from childhood up to the present. He noticed that every time he committed a sin, he could feel the heaviness. He could feel the weight and it would go into slow motion. When he committed a mortal sin, the pictures would stop and become enlarged right before him so that even if he closed his eyes he could still see them. And if he did something good, he could feel as if he was floating and the film would play normally, giving truth to what is written in the Bible, That what so every you do to the less of your brethren that you do unto Me.ž The movie of his life was repeated three times. Afterwards, Jesus said You have to go back now because you have still so many things to do. You have still so many things to finish. If I have a message for you, I will just appear to you in your dreams.Ž

Early in the morning on the third day, Stanleyžs wife brought the burial gown to the hospital to prepare her husband. Neighbours gathered outside of the chapel to receive Stanleyžs coffin. Flowers were laid out for the wake. A death certificate was signed. But Stanley came back from the dead, perfectly healthy, as if nothing had happened. While his heart was flat line and his brain dead, Stanley had in spirit met for the first time Jesus Christ of the Divine MercyŽ.

Every sequence and procedure of his medical condition was documented. Medical records showed that he was first in a coma and then dead. These records were examined and all medical staff involved were questioned. The Church started to investigate this phenomenon and their discovery led to the endorsement of the Archbishop of Cebu, Ricardo Cardinal Vidal. Another person who independently examined the medical records was Paul Regan from Malden, who is the founder of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the Sick and Dying Institute in America. The fact that Stanley had died, and woke in full health with no brain damage, is against all the science of nature.

Today, he is on a mission to go around the world to spread Godžs unfathomable mercy; not only to Catholics but also to other denominations. Godžs mercy is for everybody, regardless of faith or religion,Ž Stanley says. I asked the Lord, What are the sins that you cannot forgive?ž Jesus said, All sins can be forgiven except if you refuse to believe that your sin can be forgivenž. That is why Jesus said, before I come as a Just Judge, I will open wide the doors of My mercyž. But Jesus continued that it is also written in the Diary of St. Faustina, that he that refuses to pass through the doors of My mercy will have to pass through the doors of My justice.

Stanley sends out one of the timeliest messages given to him by Jesus; Now is the time of mercy. Now is the time for us to reconcile with the Lord. Now is the time to reconcile with our family. Now is the time to reconcile with everybody. Not tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes because when tomorrow comes, that is today. So why wait for tomorrow? We have to be ready now.Ž

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